Garden Boom - Garden Ornamentals

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Garden Ornamentals fertilizer is intended for fertilizing and planting flower beds, roses, flowering shrubs and trees in ornamental gardens, parks, squares, streets, etc.
Fertilizer provides balanced nutrition and equal nutrients during the growing season.

  • Dosage: 50 – 70 g/m
  • Bag size: 15 kg
  • Details

Garden Boom - Garden Ornamentals

Scope and Application: 

Fertilizer is used in early spring; evenly scatter the granules on the beds before planting flowers, or on the soil around plants.

• applies only 1x per year;
• supports rich flowering of plants;
• contains 80 % coated nitrogen with controlled gradual release — fertilizer with controlled
  release of nutrients (CRF = Controlled Release Fertilizer);
• compound fertilizer, some of the nutrients are immediately accessible, but the nitrogen is released gradually;
• in addition to basic nutrients NPK contains also magnesium;
• exposure time: 5–6 months;
• fertilizer granulation 2–3 mm improves equal distribution of fertilizer when applied. 

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