Basic fertilization
Fertilization should always follow the analysis of an actual condition of the soil’s or substrate’s nutrient content. Regular monitoring of nutrient condition must be performed by an accredited laboratory at least at the beginning or at the end of each crop cycle. Correct methodology is very important for the interpretation of results. Substrates are usually tested using the Soukup analysis methodology, Mehlich III method is used to test mineral soils. Our company runs an Accredited testing laboratory No 1468. We can perform all necessary analyses and determine correct doses of individual fertilisers for basic or additional fertilization.

  • Basic outdoor fertilization

According to our experience the best term for fertilization is autumn to add P, K, Mg and adjust pH by liming in combination with organic matter (compost) or green manure. We recommend using single-component fertilizers (Superphosphate, potassium sulphate) individually or as compound or combined fertilizers (Amofos, NPK in various combinations – e.g. 15+15+15, etc.).

  • Basic indoor fertilization

Most indoor cultivation areas nowadays use substrates with integrated basic fertilization. After the end of the crop cycle the substrate is replaced with new one. Basic fertilization is performed during the production of the substrate – with PG mix, Multimix (works for 6 – 8 weeks) or with controlled-release fertilizers such as Multicote.
(The time of action depends on temperature, usually 6 – 8 weeks by type).

Additional fertilization
Some authors refer to it as leaf-on fertilization. It is one of the many operations performed by good growers during the growing of seedlings. Its regularity may significantly influence the final quality and the seedling’s ability to ove

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