Garden Boom Fertilizers

The professionals’ experience shows that you may have a high-quality lawn when using fertilizers with controlled-release of nutrients, with NPK ratios adjusted to different seasons of the year.

The Garden Boom line includes slow-release fertilizers that provide the lawn with a supply of nutrients that is optimal for the given season. 

The main traits of the Garden Boom fertilizers are:

  • reliable nutrient distribution thanks to XCU and POLYON technologies
  • continuous release over several weeks to months
  • fine granulation
  • reduction of nutrient washing and therefore more efficient intake by the lawn minimum risk of lawn burning
  • continuous and regular growth
  • root system support

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XCU Technology

The technology comprises the use of packed controlled-release fertilizers allowing for gently-release of nutrients. The technology is unique because of using inside polymer coat protecting the urea granule. The outside layer of the granule is encased with a thin layer of sulphur and that everything is covered by a wax layer with XCU green pigment. 
This structure of the jacket makes a consistent and more durable granule whose stronghold is important both when being made and when applied. In fact, its stronger coat guarantees slower release of the nutrients for even 10 weeks. The activation and progressively releasing nutrients come up according to humidity and temperature.

POLYON Technology

The technology of coated fertilizers provides for long-standing release of nutrients for several months. The technology uses the outside polymer coat combined with green pigment protecting the urea granule.
Once again, the jacket is activated by soil humidity, but further nutrient are released due to temperature without being influenced by humidity.

Centre Smiřice

  • loose materials storage
  • near Hradec Králové – easy to reach for small landscaping projects 
  • potting substrates, plant growing substrate mixes, bark chip mulch
  • the most popular fertilizers and grass-seed mixtures always in stock

The Sixth Sense of Your Garden..

Are you dreaming of the perfect lawn? Your dreams of a beautiful garden will come true easily with our Garden Boom range.

  • recommended by landscape architects and garden professionals


  • perfect lawn in 24 hours
  • year-round installation
  • grown by experts

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