Kristalon Fertilizers

Water-soluble, chloride-free, full NPK fertilizers with micro-elements in a form easily available to plants when used in liquid form during irrigation. 

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Kristalon is a crystallic fully water-soluble fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, boron, molybdenum, manganese, iron, copper and zinc in a balanced ratio. Micronutrients are supplied in easily available form of chelate. The nine types of Kristalon, which differ in the ratio and content of the vital elements N, P, and K satisfy the changing demands of plants during their growing cycle. 

Use: The Kristalon fertilizer range is designed for application in irrigation systems, drip irrigation, hydroponic cultivation and on-leaf application by sprinklers without irrigation.


  • all nutrients are easily available thanks to excellent solubility
  • immediate reaction of plants to quickly available nitrate and ammoniac nitrogen
  • flexibility – broad range of combinations suitable for every crop in every phase of vegetation: -  quicker initial growth thanks to direct absorption of phosphor – even growth thanks to low salt content – earlier onset of production period due to faster growth, better quality due to balanced nutrient content – anti-chlorotic effects thanks to potassium and trace elements 
    -  control of density and leaf size, appearance and quality of blooms and fruits
  • full range of microelements in chelate form to prevent chlorosis
  • high purity of fertilizer suitable for recirculation
  • Kristalon Special – its composition makes it a perfect leaf-on fertilizer 
    • unique combination with YaraLiva CALCINIT - (100 % water-soluble calcium nitrate)
  • individual types of Kristalon can be combined without limitation unless prohibited by the pesticide manufacturer

Recommended solution:

  • drip irrigation – stock solution in 15 % concentration (Kristalon orange and brown 10 %) and dilute 100x times; with water
  • on leaf 0.5 -  1.5 % in min. 200 l of water

Trace element content in all types of Kristalon: B 0.03% Cu 0.01 % (EDTA) Mo 0.004 % Mn 0.04 % (EDTA) Fe 0.07 % (EDTA) Zn 0.025 % (EDTA).

Preparation of Kristalon solution in different concentrations for use in injection system or Venturi T pump: required fertilizer concentration in grams per litre of irrigation water / mother solution concentration (kg Kristalon/l water) / ratio setting: 0.3 / 6 v 100 / 1:200, 0.5 / 10 v 100 / 1:200, 1 / 10 v 100 / 1:100 , 1.5 / 15 v 100 / 1:100 a 2 / 10 v 100 / 1:50.

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