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Kristalon Red 12-12-36 + 1MgO + ME 25 kg

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Kristalon Red is a water soluble NPK fertilizer for liquid feeding.

Contains a full range of chelated micronutrients ideal for all fertigation systems. Details

Kristalon Red 12-12-36 + 1MgO + ME 25 kg

Suitable for fruit crops in the reproductive phase to stimulate flower and fruit development. If required the N:K ratio can be adjusted using YaraLiva Calcinit.

Nutrient Composition:
N 12 %
   Nitrate - N 10.1 %
   Ammoniacal - N 1.9 %
P2O5 12 %
K2O 36 %
MgO 1 %
SO3 2.5%
B 0.025 %, Cu 0.01 %, Fe 0.07 %, Mn 0.04 %, Mo 0.004 %, Zn 0.025 %
Chloride Free

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