Liquid Iron 02-00-10+8,7Fe

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Iron (Fe) is a vital micro-nutrient required by plants in order to form chlorophyll. And chlorophyll is what gives plants their green color. Iron deficiency occurs when there is either not enough iron in the soil, or the iron is tied up and unavailable do to high pH (alkaline soil), or poor aeration. It can also be induced by an over-abundance of calcium in the soil or an over-application of lime. *

Iron chlorosis is the name of the condition found in plants that are iron deficient. It is one of the most common micro-nutrient problems of ornamentals, shrubs, vines, small fruits, and trees. Leaves of affected plants are yellow, light green, or white with distinct green veins. Details

Liquid Iron 02-00-10+8,7Fe

This LIQUID IRON is safely sugar-chelated (no EDTA) meaning it will absorb and green plants up quickly and will last longer than other non-chelated irons. We have also added in small amounts of Nitrogen and Manganese for better uptake and effectiveness.

By using LIQUID IRON in your lawn care program, you can improve color without forcing the growth that you get with high nitrogen fertilizers.

You can mix LIQUID IRON with other liquid fertilizers, but do a jar test first to ensure compatibility.

MOSS CONTROL Iron products have long been used to kill moss in lawns. Customers report that spraying Liquid Iron at a heavy concentration of 6 oz per gallon of water, using a fine mist pump sprayer, will take care of a moss problem. At this rate, both the moss and the lawn may turn brown or black, but the grass should recover if not already under heat or drought stress. If the moss just turns yellow after an application, it will not die. In that case you need to reapply.


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