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Blooming chimney – unique project of AGRO CS

29. 8. 2012

The only chimney of its kind in Central Europe

Our unique project, the planted chimney has become a tradition that has no parallel in Central Europe. The height of the chimney, the way the boxes are attached, and the entire irrigation principle is unchallenged and becomes a popular attraction among hundreds of people who come to see it from near and far. More people are coming every day and media are getting interested as well, spreading the word all over the country.

Why is the chimney such a big thing? It is record-breaking in the number of flowers planted in our quality FLORIA SIESTA boxes that are among the best Czech products in self-watering containers.

AGRO Surfinia substrate with active compost plays an important role too. This lightweight substrate creates an ideal environment for quick development of the green mass and onset of blooms. However, the plants cannot do just with the nutrients in the substrate and need regular feeding with our popular Kristalon GOLD. To get the long blooming curtains that would totally cover the chimney we spoil our plants with a leach made with earthworm compost and Vitality Complex for Geraniums and Surfinias. This cocktail of nutrients and organic substances is the best that we can give to our plants, and we do believe that by the end of September we will see those long tails of bloom that will cover every single brick on the chimney.

If you want to come and see the chimney, stop by our facility and take a short walk to the chimney to see the record-breaker for yourself.

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