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FENIX Balanced Autumn 13-05-24+3MgO

FENIX Balanced Autumn 13-05-24+3MgO

FENIX Balanced Autumn fertilizer is recommended for turf fertilizing requiring higher potassium content before a period of stress and for supplementing lack of potassium in a substrate. All Fenix Balanced fertilizers contain equal proportion of nutrients, including phosphorus and magnesium. Balanced growth is guaranteed by a long-term form of nitrogen contained in MU chained urea. Releasing nutrients from MU chained urea copies needs of plants and that is why Fenix Balanced is one of the most effective turf fertilizers. Fertilizer NPK (Mg) containing crotonyl-dendi-urea or isobutyl-dendi-urea, alternatively urea-formaldehyde 13-05-24 (+3MgO) mixed fertilizer

Application rate: 25 – 35 g/m2

Application: August – October

Granule size: 2 – 3 mm

Bag size: 20 kg