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FENIX Basic Pre-seed 15-20-10+3MgO 20 kg

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FENIX Basic Pre-seed 15-20-10+3MgO 20 kg

FENIX Basic Pre-seed fertilizer is designed for growing new turfs, laying turfs and regeneration of older turfs. The release of nutrients is guaranteed by XCU technology, which is a new groundbreaking product invented for professional turf care.

Another advantage is that the fertilizers have a reduced content of chlorides to consequently reduce the risk of soil over-salting with ballast chlorides. This range of fertilizers is the most suitable for turfs with sandy, really easily permeable soil and well-working drainage and for less-intensively grown turfs. The fertilizers don’t contain any nitrate-type nitrogen to minimise nitrates being washed out of the ground.

Application rate: 25 – 35 g/m2

Application: March – October

Granule size: 2 – 3 mm

Bag size: 20 kg