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Garden Boom Green Roof fertilizer 15 kg


Garden Boom Green Roof fertilizer 15 kg

The fertilizer intended for fertilizing roof gardens. The control release of long-acting nitrogen ensures a balanced nutrition throughout the growing season

The fertilizer is applied only once a year, usually at the beginning of vegetation period (early spring). Fine granulation, together with a low concentration of nutrients, ensures an even and balanced distribution of nutrition.

Benefits of Garden Boom Green Roof:

  • applied only once a year
  • supports faster involvement of vegetation after planting
  • increases the resistance of plants to the different climatic conditions
  • mixed fertilizer, some of the nutrients are immediately available, but nitrogen is released gradually
  • contains magnesium
  • fine granules

Controlled release nitrogen : 75 % Polyon


NPK Composition: 10-08-08 + 2MgO

Packaging: 15 kg

Dosage: 50 – 140 g / m2

Action: 10 – 12 months

Fertilizer granulation: 2 – 3 mm

Application : March-April