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Greenmaster ProLite Spring&Summer 14-05-10+2MgO

Greenmaster ProLite Spring&Summer 14-05-10+2MgO

Ideal for use during main growth periods of season. High nitrogen levels allow for correct top growth and recovery during periods of heavy use. Phosphorus and potassium to encourage a strong resilient sward. Replaces nutrients lost in grass clippings. Formulated with magnesium to enhance turf health and colour. Greenmaster Pro-Lite is an outstanding conventional release, micro-granular homogeneous fertilizer range that delivers high quality nutrition for fine turf. The range contains various analyses designed to optimise turf health troughout the year

Granule size: 0.5 – 1.7 mm

Pack size: 25 kg

Application rate: 30 – 35 g/m²

Pack coverage:714 – 833 m²

Longevity: 6 Weeks