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ND SM-25 Substrate Panels

ND SM-25 Substrate Panels

Hydrophilic mineral wool panels for use as a substrate substitute on extensive green roofs where only minimal roof loads are possible, and on medium and steep pitched roofs where it is not possible to install a substrate due to a danger of it sliding off. It is also easy and economical to install.

Material: hydrophilic mineral wool

Density: 80 kg/m³

Dimensions: approx. 1,200 mm x 600 mm x 25 mm

Packaging: approx. 8.64 m², package

Weight dry: approx. 2 kg/m²

Weight saturated: approx. 17 kg/m²

Water retention capacity: approx. 15 l/m² = 80 % vol.

Air volume: approx. 16 %

pH value: approx. 7 – 8