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RS II – Cultivation Peat Substrate

RS II – Cultivation Peat Substrate

A substrate for the cultivation of plants demanding a heavier type of substrate with a higher concentration of nutrients (Chrysanthemum, Hibiscus, Hydrangea, Scheffl era, Pelargonium, balcony fl owers). Also suitable for automatic potting machines.

Raw Materials: Top-quality kinds of white peat. Top-quality kinds of black peat. Clay (Bentonite). Fine crystalline NPK fertilizer with trace elements. Magnesian limestone.

Structure: An even, very homogeneous mixture. Medium-grained.

Characteristics: pH fluctuation resistant, good water and nutrient sorption, structural stability, free of weed seed

Structure: medium coarse – mugs 9 – 14 cm, growing portable, window boxes, hanging ampule. For manual and mechanical filling.

Packaging options: 070233 – loose, 073047 – big bale 3 m³, 00939A – pack size 150 l, 00917A – pack size 70 l