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AGRO CS is a partner to the leading major-league clubs in the Czech Republic. Both leading Czech football teams – Sparta and Slavia – play on our turf.

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The AGRO Profi Programme has been taking care of sports grounds for more than 15 years. We have executed and guaranteed professional installation of turf at constructing and reconstructing sports grounds, namely at regenerating football turf. We are the only one in the Czech Republic to focus on growing football professional turf, their installation, subsequent care and consulting. We cooperate with top specialists in the Czech Republic and abroad. 

Our own accredited laboratory allows us to evaluate soil and water analyses and using their results, to make up a fertilization plan. We also provide counselling in choosing a good grass-seed mixture andirrigation water quantities, in recognising diseases and their follow-up treatment, and give advice how to generally assess your turf. Having evaluated your sports ground, we are able to prepare a complete maintenance plan for the whole year, including financial costs.
We cultivate professional turf in our own grass-growing nursery with a surface area of 35 ha, using turf substrate in compliance with all standards on construction and reconstruction of sports grounds. We seed the grass mixture composed of perennial ryegrass and common meadow-grass which is highly resistant and quickly regenerating.

It has narrow leaves and dark green colour, of course. Our turf is able to resist to loads within 1 - 3 weeks after its installation. When regenerating damaged or heavily burdened turfs, we only use top-class professional equipment, including, for example, Turf-Tidy 3000 high-performing verticut machine; Verti-Quake special compaction-releasing machine; Verti-Drain aerating machine; TurfCo Tri-Wave top seeding-fi nishing machine; TurfCo CR 10 exact sanding machine or retractable netting.

Our great advantage is that in addition to using first-rate machines, we are able to deliver grass seeds, fertilizers and other special homemade materials.
We guarantee our professional skills and abilities through having executed league football fields like, for example SPARTA PRAGUE, SLAVIA PRAGUE, SK SIGMA OLOMOUC, BANÍK OSTRAVA, FK BAUMIT JABLONEC, SLOVAN LIBEREC, HRADEC KRALOVE, FK TEPLICE, FK MLADA BOLESLAV, SK DYNAMO CESKE BUDEJOVICE.

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AGRO CS a.s.
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Phone: +420 731 131 467                                           
E-mail: export@agroprofi.cz

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