SR 2000 - Rotary Spreader

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SR-2000 is a fantastic rotary / broadcasting fertilizer and seed spreader that can be relied upon for years of applications.


  • Reliable spreader, good for years of service
  • Sturdy stainless steel frame
  • Equipped with a setting rate and shut off switch
  • Can carry 42 liters, or 22 kg of seed / fertilizer
  • Has a spread pattern of 2 – 6 meters
  • Wheels do not leave behind any tracks
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SR 2000 - Rotary Spreader

The SR-2000 is a very efficient spreader which has a setting rate. It also has a shut-off control switch, limiting the amount of wasted fertilizer / seed. It evenly dispenses the product over a large area; having a capacity of 42 liters (22kg) and a spread pattern from 2 – 6 meters. This saves time as the spreader will not need to be re-filled too often.

Additionally its durable, stainless steel frame rests upon large wheels that will not leave any tread marks during application


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