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AGRO CS is an entirely Czech enterprise established in 1992. At the beginning it continued doing the work initially performed by Agropodnik Česká Skalice, which served growers in expert advisory, warehousing and application of fertilizers. In the following years, AGRO CS focused on building up on its expert knowledge and experience to expand its range of products with own substrate mixes and fertilizers in small consumer packaging. The systematic development of these activities made AGRO CS one of Central and Eastern European leaders in substrates, fertilizers and grass seed.

At the moment the mother company AGRO CS employs 240 people. With all the daughter companies there are more than 400 employees. The annual turnover on the domestic market equals to 1.5 billion CZK (58 mil €). The daughter companies are based in Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary and Romania.

AGRO CS has four divisions:


The Garden division supplies the hobby and professional market with our own produce of substrates, fertilizers, grass seed and professional turf, decorative materials, plant-protection agents and other products for gardening. The division is active all over Central and Eastern Europe and holds an exclusive licence to sell the popular Kristalon fertilizer in hobby packages.


The Engineering Division supplies technological line units for stocking, sorting, mixing, out-stocking and shipping of industrial fertilizers and substrates, bag and big-bag fillers. The division also runs a filling station, distributes AdBlue and packages for loose materials.

Agricultural services

The Agricultural Division supplies fertilizers and provides a full range of services for growers and distributors in the Czech Republic. Supported by a laboratory accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute the division advises, consults, takes samples, performs physical, chemical and microbiological analysing of substrates, fertilizers, silts, feeds, fruit and vegetables.


The BioEnergy Division operates a 1-4 MW bio-gas station with adjacent composting plant on the outskirts of Jaroměř. Both facilities transform plant-based waste materials into electricity and heat supplied to the households of Jaroměř, the composting plant produces certified compost for gardening and agriculture. The division also runs a small hydro-electric station on the River Úpa, which is situated within the premises of AGRO CS production and logistics centre in V Lukách.

AGRO CS is a major stockholder in other ventures:

ABEX Substráty a.s., AGROPODNIK ORLICE a.s., AGRO CS Slovakia a.s., AGRO CS HUNGARY Kft, AGRO CS Poland Sp. z.o.o., AGRO UKRAINE WEST, AGRO CS Ukraine, AGRO Romania.

Company history:

1974 – the foundation of Agrochemický podnik (Agrochemical Enterprise, later known as Agropodnik, a joint enterprise); the subject of its business was to perform crop farming services and activities for its member organisations.

1992 – transformation of the joint enterprise into joint-stock company, establishing of AGRO CS spol. s r.o. (limited-liability company), which rented all the properties of the former Agropodnik  and continued performing all its services, started producing and selling substrates, fertilizers and gardening equipment.

1. 1 .1996 – transformation of legal form from limited-liability company into joint-stock company.

1997 – launch of the first daughter corporation ABEX Substráty a.s.

2000 – launch of other daughter companies

AGRO CS Poland Sp. z o.o.,

AGRO CS Hungary Kft.

AGRO CS Slovakia a.s.

1. 1. 2003 – dissolution of Agropodnik a.s.; AGRO CS a.s. as the major stockholder takes over the assets of the former Agropodnik.

2004 – launch of daughter company AGRO CS Ukraine s.r.o., focusing on the 

extraction of black and white peat

2006 – AGRO CS a.s. becomes the major holder of AGROPODNIK ORLICE a.s. and purchases the Bezděkov facility (production and packaging of plant-protection agents)

2007 – purchase of the premises of a former TIBA corporation followed by a total reconstruction and development of a new production and logistic facility in V Lukách, officially opened in 2008.

2008 – complete reconstruction of substrate production facility in Česká Skalice and launch of biogas station in Jaroměř

2009 – establishing of daughter company AGRO CS Romania S.r.l

2009 – establishing of daughter company in Lithuania UAB Baloša – peat extraction

2011 - establishing of daughter company in Lithuania UAB Aliu Durpynas – peat extraction

2012 - 2013 - AGRO CS a.s. becomes a major stockholder in agricultural enterprise NAHOŘANSKÁ a.s.


Centre Smiřice

  • loose materials storage
  • near Hradec Králové – easy to reach for small landscaping projects 
  • potting substrates, plant growing substrate mixes, bark chip mulch
  • the most popular fertilizers and grass-seed mixtures always in stock


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growing substrates, mineral, organic, liquid and crystal organomineral fertilizers, grass-seed mixtures, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and other plant protection agents, mulching bark, wood chip mulch, original Kristalon fertilizers, several types of professional turf, full range of products for environment-friendly gardening

  • "... Let's Make The World More Beautiful"

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