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Trial plots at AGRO CS

29. 4. 2013

A rare experiment of AGRO CS that took place in 2013.

  • Number of plots: 450
  • Tested mixes: 80
  • Tested varieties: 320

In 2013 the Profi section of AGRO CS Lawn Care decided to establish the Plot trial for testing grass seed varieties and mixes. There are multiple reasons behind this project, but the key ones were to learn more about our own grass seed varieties and mixes, and mainly to create an opportunity to invite our customers to see these plots.

The trial plots were established within the premises of V Lukách in Česká Skalice. Thanks to this, the opportunity to visit the plots is not limited by dates and customers can visit them all year round upon previous arrangement. Each trial plot is fully irrigated and the lawn is established on a combination of substrate and lawn growing mix.

The plot is maintained in a usual way including feeding, mowing and irrigation. The grass was sown between May 15 and 20.

450 trial plots were established on the area. 2/3 are varieties and 1/3 grass seed mixes from the hobby and professional ranges. The size of the plot is 1 m² and each experiment has one repetition.


The trial plots are covered with tested varieties of rye grass, meadow grass, fescue, and bentgrass. All the professional grass seed mixes for garden and park projects, football greens and golf courses as well. Hobby grass seed mixes available from the standard offer are tested as well.

The trial plots are situated in a sunny location and established by sowing 25 g/m². There is also a special testing area that is shaded all day to demonstrate the response of all the species to lack of sunlight. The last section consists of plots with differing sowing density from 30 g/m² to 50 g/m². A striking difference in germination rate was clearly visible after the first week of the trial