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Sportsmaster mini Permanent 17-07-16+2MgO+Fe 25 kg

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  • Balanced NK fertilizer with P
  • Perfect to use anytime between spring and autumn
  • Magnesium and iron levels enhance turf health, colour and hide stress
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Sportsmaster mini Permanent 17-07-16+2MgO+Fe 25 kg

Ideal for use anytime between spring and autumn. Contains magnesium and iron which improve turf health, colour, and help alleviate symptoms of stress.

  • Longevity: 2 - 3 Months
  • Granule size: 1.0 - 2.5 mm
  • Pack size: 25 kg
  • Application rate: 20 - 35 g/m²
  • Pack coverage: 714 - 1 250 m²

Direction for use:

  • Apply to dry foliage
  • Watering-in after application helps with granule dispersion, gives a quicker initial effect and reduces trails of foot prints
  • Applications should be made after aeration programs like: hollow tining, sliting a/o scarification to prevent granule damage
  • Do not apply during frosty or drought conditions
  • If spilled on pavement, concrete, clothes, etc, wash off immediately as they product can stain

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