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On the football pitch, substrate forms the vegetation layer for the roots of the grasses forming the turf, and must also withstand maximum load. The substrate contains a major part of the root system that supplies water and nutrients to the grasses. Roots need to breathe as well. The quality and resilience of the substrate therefore determines the health and condition of the turf and its ability to regenerate.

An optimum composition of a football substrate is the core of a perfect turf. Our football substrate is made of specifically sorted and washed silicate sand with sharp edges. It ensures an airy structure for the roots to breathe, eliminates compaction under load, and keeps the substrate permeable for water even during rains. Other components include particles of loess soil. Their content is accurately balanced in order for the substrate to meet the requirements for texture following a required textural curve. These particles participate in the chemical stability of football substrates. Soil particles significantly control pH fluctuation, fixate nutrients and retain them in the substrate, making them available for the plants later. They improve the water regime and keep some of rainwater inside the substrate. The rough grains of the soil particles are coated in peat, which prevents them from dissolving and washing down into the lower layers.

Peat, although it represents a small portion of the total weight, is a crucial component for the water regime of the substrate. Its high capacity for absorbing water and natural ability to release it for plants is a valuable asset. Peat also helps create humus substances that support the intake and use of nutrients from added fertilizers. Substrates for football greens also contain a wide range of nutrients (macro and microelements) that are crucial for growth.

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