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Plant growing

Our first PROFI formula recipes date back to 1996 when we created special types of substrates for professional growers. The range gradually expanded by adding various types of professional fertilizers, grass seed mixes, planters and containers, pesticides, mulching bark, various decorative materials, etc. We now offer a comprehensive range of products for different groups of professional growers – vegetable producers, flower growers, ornamental and forest nurseries, etc. We are the only supplier with such a comprehensive product range in the Czech Republic.

History of the profi programme

1996 – The first recipes for profi substrate formulas were created. We started producing our first packed seeding substrate in 80 l packages, which was followed by other standard types of substrates (container substrate, RKS I., RKS II.). We developed special forestry substrates for forest nurseries. We started collaborating with Norwegian corporation Hydro – Kristalon fertilizers in 25 kg packages.

1997 – Our specialised sales representative takes care of our business partners.

1998 – The range is extended by other types of substrates – loose and packed substrates sold under the Professional brand.

1999 – We developed our sales system to ensure better ordering and shipping procedures. We have our own accredited laboratory that ensures consistent quality of our substrates. The range expands with other types of granulated fertilizers, plastic containers and grass seed. We are offering a full range of products to a broad range of customers that is unparalleled in the Czech Republic.

2001 – Our scope expands to a new category of customers – golf courses, football pitches, landscaping companies. The range also newly includes professional turf sod, substrates for roof gardens, controlled-release fertilizers and decorative materials.
With the development of our daughter companies we are recruiting new customers in the neighbouring countries – in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Slovenia.

2002 – We start selling packaged peat products in 250 l bales – peat growing substrate RS 1 and peat growing substrate RS 2.

2003 – Our offer of planting containers expands with lightweight TEKU containers. We keep using more and more controlled-release fertilizers in our substrates. A new product is launched – brown peat in 200 l package.

2004 – Our Lawn Care becomes independent and continues its own development. The logo is changed and we are launching new packages with graphically united designs. A catalogue of our product range is published.
Our first major international presentation – at IPM Essen in Germany.

2005 – More products in the successful 250 l bale range – new seeding and container substrate. Listing of other types of fertilizers – controlled-release Multicote and water-soluble Polyfeed by Haifa Chemicals.

2006 – Peat substrates are now supplied in huge 4 000 l packages.

2007 – Our most demanding customers who need to buy only big bale products can now choose from Tref EGO products. Textile programme in our JUTA line are added to the product range.

2008 – We started building our new substrate-production plant in Říkov. We now have more suppliers of peat and other raw materials.

2009 – The new plant is launched in trial operation. Redefining of our main substrate recipies. We are adding new raw materials – coconut products, pumice, vermiculite. New logistic opportunity – big bale and its premiere in the Czech Republic. We are upgrading our shipping facility – new logistic centre opens in V Lukách

2010 – Our water-soluble fertilizer range now includes the Universol brand, which is suitable also for conditions with lower quality of irrigation water.

2011 – We are now offering Easypots – for easy rooting of plant cuttings.

2012 – New recipe and range upgrades in the AGROProfi substrates.

2013 – Enhancing our own raw material resources in peat.

2014 – Registration of B-NINE SG growth regulator and its launch.

2015 – Here comes the PROFIMIX – an innovation on the market of substrates. Profi substrates in new packages and higher quality recipes.